Hi, I'm Jonathan Maurer

Thank you for coming to the website!  I am a Camera Assistant, Airstar Balloon Tech and hobbyist photographer from Fernandina Beach, Florida.  I currently live in Los Angeles, and work across a variety of non-union music videos, commercials, and narrative projects.  

 I'm originally from Fernandina Beach, Florida, a small beach town tucked in the northeast corner of the state.  I moved to Orlando in 2018 to go to Full Sail University and focused my studies between grip & electric and camera departments.  After a mid-pandemic graduation in May 2020, I worked in the greater Orlando area for a year as a camera assistant, before moving to Los Angeles in June 2021.

I worked full-time at Production Gear Rentals as as an driver/prep tech, while working freelance on the weekends.   I left in September 2021, to full-time freelance 1st and 2nd AC, and I started as balloon tech at the aerial lighting company, Airstar.  The next goal is to join local 600 as an assistant.  Check out my resume page to see a more detailed list of past projects!

Film photography is a side hustle that came out of the pandemic.  The technical workflow, physicality and final result, makes the medium an extremely enjoyable process to put some time into.  If you're a photographer that grew up in the digital world, I believe its beneficial to step back and look at the mediums of the past too.

The best way to contact me is through my email at, jmaurer517@gmail.com or message me on the Instagram, @jonnymau.

Thanks for visiting!

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